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Dear Capreol Residents,

As some of you may have already seen and signed this, there is a petition circulating
around town regarding the inadequate street lighting on Foch Street in Capreol.  It is very
difficult to see people walking their pets, children playing with their friends, or simply  
people out walking or biking down Foch Street after dark.  With the presence of wildlife
(eg. bear, wolves and coyote) and the fact that this street is extremely dark due to the lack
of street lights, this has been a major safety concern for many people out for a leisurely
stroll in the evening.  There is inadequate street lighting on Foch Street and we are
looking for this to be rectified. Please  take a moment to sign the petition!   Without you it
is impossible to make a change!   Thank You.

 Petitions can be found at:   Opy's,    Home  Hardware,    M&R Grill,    Mazzuca Chrysler

                            Tom's Service Centre,    The Legion,    Ricks Hairstyling Shop
Pothole Maintenance Around Greater Sudbury

The City of Greater Sudbury would like to advise residents that as spring continues the
freeze and thaw cycle, potholes will develop across the city at a quicker rate than normal.

Potholes are formed by the expansion and contraction of water that has seeped just
below the surface of the road through cracks in the pavement. When water freezes it
expands. This causes the pavement to expand, bend or crack weakening the road. When
the ice melts the pavement contracts leaving voids in the subsurface where water can get
in. If the water freezes and thaws over and over the road can become very weak. Potholes
form when the surface of the road collapses into the subsurface void. Sometimes
potholes do not appear until the weight of traffic has passed over the weak spot in the

Motorists can lessen the chances of damage to their vehicles by reducing speed,
maintaining optimum tire pressure and by keeping the steering wheel straight and
avoiding sudden braking when encountering a pothole. Abiding by the various posted
load restriction signs will help preserve pavement condition as well.

For more info: